Update 9/29/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: Well today hasn’t been as happy as I planned. Tripp started out good his morning, then has just felt worse as the day goes on. He was arching so bad that it was making me hurt looking at him. I gave him some Motrin and Ativan and the arching stopped. If he does it again tomorrow, I am calling his dr. It could be that the pressure in his head is getting worse from the blockage or it could just be one of those days. Time will tell. On a happier note, my sister and I took your advice. For the one year anniversary of his accident, we are having a kid party. We are going to celebrate that Tripp is still here with us and making progress with some of his and Tori Beth’s closest friends. Tripp’s surgery is set for Oct 22, and we don’t know how he will be feeling after surgery, so we are doing it the weekend before. We want to rent a bouncy house (Tripp loved bouncy houses, Bill would take him all the time to Jungle jumpers in Winder) we figure Bill and i could take him in with no other kids and maybe he would remember. Not sure what else, but it should be fun. Just two years ago, Crystal threw a party in Oct and Bill pulled a hay ride around and Tripp loved it. Anyway, I hope Tripp has a better night and wakes up feeling good. I will update after therapy tomorrow. Have a great night and thank you so much for all your prayers and positive thoughts. Love you all.

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